Best GTM Strategy for Healthcare Tech Teams for Fast Results

gtm strategy

When you are getting close to finishing product development, it's time to think about your go-to-market (GTM) strategy. You'll want to see fast results from the initial launch of this product, which the right software development partner can make happen.

An established healthcare consultancy can work with your healthcare organization on building that product and help with quicker, more successful product releases. This type of partner can even reduce the time-to-market using cooperative planning, collaboration, and skilled execution of a GTM strategy.

1. A Full Partner in the Planning Process

Healthcare organizations don’t operate in a vacuum. They must create a successful product launch that appeals to customers, patients, and clinicians. A great deal of knowledge is available from a software development partner that helps organizations target their product and marketing to the right audience.

For instance, this may be the first product that your healthcare organization has ever launched to the public. A well-rounded consultancy can guide you through the entire process of bringing that product to the consumer. They know how to market your product, sell it online, get stores to commit to giving your product shelf space, and even set up the flow of money from each sale.

Healthcare technology consultants can also tackle various aspects of planning the GTM strategy:

  • Finding a nimble approach to developing and launching the product
  • Determining and meeting market expectations for the product
  • Establishing the full scope of the GTM strategy, from product packaging design to sales team training
  • Building the road map to launch and keeping your combined teams on schedule

2. Interdepartmental Cooperation for Quicker Development

You may need help when moving up the launch date of a piece of healthcare technology or if your organization has a reduced operating capacity when team members take an unexpected leave. Whatever the reason, you can suddenly be short of the workers needed to complete your launch strategy successfully. This is the best time to turn to your healthcare technology partner. This type of organization can step in to fill empty roles and supplement your existing team.

Your software development partner can easily meet the launch date with the addition of their cross-functional team. Generalist consultancies have teams of experts in design, development, and product testing, all of whom can become members of your team.

Here are other ways that healthcare solutions partners can speed up product development:

  • Partner firms will meet with your managers to find out exactly what they are looking for regarding additional staff and consultants.
  • Every member of a cross-functional team will be able to work on their piece of the puzzle at the same time.
  • Communication is easier and faster when you work with one generalist firm, rather than outsourcing multiple parts of the same project to different consultants.
  • More people working together to develop prototypes and test them with patients and clinicians can improve your ability to catch errors and build a better product.

3. Simplified Launch and Product Deployment

You should expect your consultants to skillfully manage a successful product launch as part of the GTM strategy. Ideally, a healthcare solutions partner has brought many other products to market for its clients. They should know what to do before, during, and after launch to help ensure that customers react promptly and positively to your healthcare technology.

When the hard work of both teams pays off and the big launch day arrives, your healthcare partner should focus on keeping things streamlined. They will coordinate with the marketing and sales teams around launch events, online marketing pushes, and product distribution. They will also respond quickly to potential problems and bring any important information or changes to your attention right away.

With a healthcare technology partner, you’ll feel less pulled in multiple directions before, during, and after the product release. These experts can also provide assistance with:

  • Bringing IT techs and help desk techs together to tackle customer issues and repair requests
  • Gathering sales data and feedback from patients/clinicians for future reference
  • Recommending changes to the sales process as needed to improve conversions, efficiency, and customer experience

Healthcare Technology Partners Provide a Range of Support in Carrying Out GTM Strategy

The key to creating a GTM strategy that delivers fast results is partnering with an experienced healthcare technology consultancy. Its ability to tackle multiple aspects of product development and launch them all at once is an incredible aid. This type of firm knows how to bring products to market quickly, while also capturing a large amount of interest (and hopefully, sales) for your new product.

If your organization partners with a healthcare technology firm early in the product development process, you’ll benefit from their near-constant guidance. These teams work hand in hand with clients new to the healthcare technology space, ensuring that their first forays into medical tech are completed at speed.

Here at OtterSoft, we help healthcare technology providers drive innovation and integrate smoothly with legacy systems to keep things in motion, address the challenges of healthcare innovation, and seamlessly keep information in sync. Please get in touch with us today to see how we can help you overcome healthcare innovation challenges by strategically augmenting your team!