5 Reasons to Use Healthcare Digital Transformation Consulting

healthcare digital transformation consulting

The healthcare industry is a pressure cooker of patient and regulatory demands. Increased requirements for monitoring and securing patient information, the rapid pace of technological development, and even unexpected healthcare epidemics are forcing healthcare enterprises to change at a speed outpacing their usual capabilities.

Fortunately, with outside assistance, it's possible to keep up with these transitions. Healthcare digital transformation consulting services can provide support and guidance in many ways.

1. The Ability to Expand Your Tech/Developer Team on an As-Needed Basis

According to a report published by the Society of Human Resource Management, hiring an employee can take an average of thirty-six days across all industries. When you operate in the fast-paced world of healthcare, that’s too much time to wait for an experienced team.

A healthcare digital transformation consulting firm can quickly slide into place within your healthcare organization, so you can start upgrading within a matter of days instead of weeks. Also, these consulting firms work with many other healthcare organizations and already have a streamlined and well-tested process for installing digital IT systems.

Here are a few key benefits of hiring this type of firm:

  • Quickly expand your team when upgrading security, integrating new technology, or adding new databases/software.
  • Avoid having to undergo a long hiring/interview process for what will be a temporary position.
  • Get experts in the healthcare technology field who can fill in your existing team's weak spots.

2. Healthcare Digital Transformation Consulting Experts Have Access to the Latest Medical/Healthcare IT Innovations

It's the job of digital transformation consultants to know what changes are occurring in the industry on a moment-to-moment basis. They are a source of information that you can rely on when searching for the best healthcare technologies for your needs. These consultants have also installed many of these technologies before, so they know what challenges to expect and how to avoid them.

Your healthcare consulting firm will bring these additional benefits:

  • Healthcare consultants are already up to speed on the newest technologies, saving you research time before the planning stages of an IT transition.
  • Consulting firms can bring in all the necessary trained and certified IT staff to install your new healthcare technology.
  • Healthcare digital transformation firms can train your staff in the use of these new technologies.

3. Get the Support and Advice of a Third Party When Improving Daily Operations

A few of your staff members may resist change or lack the time to properly investigate healthcare IT innovations. Hiring an outside consulting firm allows you to avoid stagnation when trying to upgrade technologies internally. You can also turn to the consultant to provide neutral third-party assessments of the existing technologies and processes followed by your staff.

Here are essential features that a healthcare digital transformation consulting firm brings to the table:

  • The opinion of a neutral third party from outside your organization when considering new technologies
  • An ability to conduct assessments of your operations and current technology without worry about disrupting staff relationships
  • Consultants carrying out research and data collection so your staff are free to focus on their jobs

4. Get Experienced Project Management and Oversight for the Short to Long Term

An outside healthcare digital transformation consulting firm has trained and knowledgeable project managers and IT technicians, so they can immediately start providing the oversight and technology upgrades that you require.

These firms also provide contracted services on your schedule. You set the project timeline and an estimated completion date with the healthcare consulting firm. If needed, you can also extend the length of the project to ensure that your entire staff is equipped with the necessary training and technology for their jobs.

Here’s what else to know about these consulting firms:

  • They have experienced managers who oversee the installation of new IT systems and software.
  • They have already gone through the process of researching and hiring experienced managers, saving you the time of doing the same.
  • They’re flexible, so they can remain on your team for longer if needed to complete the transition to a new technology.

5. Improve Reporting and Compliance with Healthcare Regulations

Healthcare organizations have to meet extensive regulations. Both The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act encourage healthcare providers to stay current with the latest technologies and security.

A healthcare digital transformation consulting firm has experts who know the regulations inside and out. They can identify what improvements are needed and make them without delay.

Here’s how a healthcare consulting firm can help you remain compliant:

  • It can identify where your organization isn't compliant and make improvements to be in line with government regulations.
  • IT consultants can create custom software and mobile apps that improve record-keeping and patient access.
  • The IT consultants can set up secure databases and systems to monitor and protect your patient and financial information from theft.

Protect your healthcare organization and your patients while also improving access to medical information. Ottersoft can help you achieve these goals with less stress and fewer delays.

Here at OtterSoft, we help healthcare technology providers drive innovation and integrate smoothly with legacy systems to keep things in motion, address the challenges of healthcare innovation, and seamlessly sync information. To see how we can help you overcome the challenges of healthcare innovation, contact us today!